Let me help you ruin your child's life

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This is a community born fully formed, springing from my godlike head, with tongue firmly in cheek.

A recent flame war turned really nasty. Not in a “we disagree with you and here is why” way. No. It was more of a “you’re a childdropping cunt with cunt sauce who fucks dogs with dildos” kind of way. Anonymous attackers all focused on my friend’s fitness as a mom. People trolled friend’s lists for unprotected journals to go apeshit in.

A random sample of insults:

Got a picture of you drinking a beer? You must be an alcoholic.

A picture of you, with your kid, all smiles? You must be molesting her.

Did you find an interesting ethnic name for your kid? Turn it into the nastiest things possible.
(Mind you, I am not talking about Kal-El here. That’s just dumb.)

Have a life and a kid? You must be brainless, obviously sacrificing your child on the altar of your whims, and a bad parent.

Obviously, I have cleaned it all up. No sense in repeating all that bad language. What if a kid read this?

We were Wounded. We were Devastated. It’s true *sob sob*

The constant pressure of being a parent has forced us to become …


Drinking, fucking, reading and writing and fully functioning adults.

Would you like to join us? We would probably like that.

How would you know if you were one of us?

You might have a kid or you might not. You think it doesn’t matter one way or the other. There is no superiority in either group.

You’re happily parenting. Well, as happy as you can be. We secretly know you’re a breeder whose brain is fried from Barney tapes.

Your behavior is inappropriate. You don’t do the things that society says mommies and daddies do. (We know you do all these bad things deliberately. You crave attention. You turn all the energy you have to bad behaviors, just so that strangers can attack you at all times. Then you feel complete. It is kind of an emotional Munchausen-by-proxy. )

You don’t fight anonymously. That’s for pussies.

You actually find this kind of anti-woman vitriol kind scary, the flip side of women being called whores or feminazis.

Don’t have a kid at all? That’s okay. You can be an enabler. Every moo-coholic needs her and his enablers.

We especially want the pictures of you, living your horrible life. Let us see the life that gets attacked from all sides.

Please lj cut the pictures. We don’t need CPS called right away. That will happen soon enough.

Let us see your kid on the back of that motorcycle, mommy passed out in the Jacuzzi again, daddy deciding that Vegas really *is* for kids.

If you’re one of us, the blessed baby less ones, show us pictures of you living the blissful life of the childfree. You know it is all fancy restaurants, unlimited sex and porn out in the open, liquor, stilettos, clothing with feathers, good upholstery, pointy decorative objects and peaceful silences.
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